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Smart footmuff for babies
Discover Mimuff
Mimuff fits all your baby’s needs 

It connects to your smartphone to keep you informed of how warm is your baby.


Its ergonomic design adapts to changing meteorological conditions while allowing your baby to move freely. 

Mimuff is a smart footmuff designed to offer maximum comfort for your baby in cold seasons. 

Complete freedom of movement

If your baby has the need to move, it won’t be necessary to remove the complete footmuff or to proceed for a change of clothes.

Mimuff was designed to provide complete freedom of movement to your baby while providing protection from cold weather. You only need to remove the attachable parts and enjoy!


Temperature sensor

It has an internal sensor that measures temperature and humidity inside the footmuff. The sensor detects any variation, updating you in real time informing you if the thermal sensation your baby experiences is appropriate. ​

Bluetooth connection
Care for your baby using your smartphone

The sensor will send the heat and humidity measures to your smartphone. You will receive fast and efficient information about how warm or cold is the interior of the footmuff.

Remove or add the attachable parts

Mimuff has an ergonomic design with attachable sleeves and mittens; you could use or remove them according to the changes in temperature. The velcro straps speed up the removal or attachment of sleeves and mittens.

In cold seasons and during sudden changes in temperature, your baby will be in optimal conditions!

Enjoy your trip!  
Mimuff keeps your baby comfortable!
Mimuff takes care of your baby
Ideal temperature
Perfect adjustment

The sensor measures the interior heat of the footmuff allowing you to know the thermal sensation in real time, it also informs you of any change or imbalance that might be making your baby uncomfortable inside the footmuff. 

You can use Mimuff at any time or situation. Its innovative design lets you easily add or remove the attachable parts in a few seconds using velcro straps. 

Understand your baby
Maximum comfort for your baby

It is now possible to know why your baby feels uncomfortable in the footmuff. Is your baby too cold? Too hot? Mimuff gives you an immediate solution

Thanks to its ergonomic system, Mimuff keeps your baby comfortable in any situation. Mimuff adapts to any weather condition adjusting to the appropriate temperature using the attachable sleeves and mittens. 

Ideal for cold seasons

Mimuff is perfect for any weather condition during fall, winter or spring. It adapts perfectly to changes in weather.

The little ones’ comfort is a must, Mimuff is made with waterproof, thermal and hypoallergic fabrics that can be easily washed.   

Investment opportunity
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Mimuff bears an international patent. The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing. This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking to reach new markets with innovative products.  


If you are interested in receiving more detailed information, please contact us.

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